Voici Jérémie, fan d’électro ET du Front de Gauche, un expert en Collage Digital!

Jérémie, Expert en Collage Digital, 2014

NI BLABLA NI RONRON.Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette. Jeudi 15 mai 2014, quatorze heures et quarante minutes. Je le pressens. Encore quelques heures à  photographier mes fonds de tiroirs et je quitterai le studio délivré de toute fièvre digitale…Ce qui me permettra de connaitre d’autres moments délicieux. Refaire  des photos de natures mortes avec le Rollei SL 66. Explorer les dunes d’Ostende. Aller chercher des bois flottés sur les plages de la mer du Nord. Écouter  les envoûtantes pièces pour piano de Toru Takemitsu et les drames chuchotés de Robert Ashley. Continuerai-je  longtemps New Still Lifes? Jusqu’au lundi 30 Juin, c’est sur! Au delà?  Il faudrait  qu’une pluie d’encouragements s’abatte sur le site. Bonnes vacances, amis lecteurs! Bouddha vous bénisse!

Meet Rudi, 42, the romantic high priest of digital collage!


NO TALKING SHOP, NO DAILY GRIND. Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette. Thursday 15 May 2014, forty minutes past two. I have a feeling there’s still a few hours needed to finish organizing my drawers and I’ll be back in the studio free from all my digital fever. Which will allow me to enjoy other delicious moments. For example making some beautiful still lifes with my Rollei SL66. Or exploring the dunes in Ostend. Hunting for driftwood on the North Sea beaches. Listening to Toru Takemitsu and Robert Ashley. Will I be continuing with New Still Lifes for much longer? Certainly until 30 June. But after that? I think it would take a torrent of encouraging hits on my website. With that hope… happy holidays! Buddha bless you!


‘Women Alone’: My Favourite as a Still-Life Photographer.

These photos (one Euro per handful) were on sale in 2010 at the Mont-Saint-Jean flea market in Auxois. The seller had forgotten where he’d got them from.

29 October 2012. With a black felt-tip I wrote the musicians’ names on the window of my studio. Luc Ferrari. Robert Ashley. Luigi Nono. There’s also Scriabin, Debussy, Ligeti. I love seeing them lit up by the morning sun, or standing out against a cloudless sky. A few days ago, before flying off to Tbilisi, Oxana said I should talk more about music in my blog. I agree, but it’s impossible at the moment. I’m too preoccupied with my Women Alone (left). These pretty women are my new passion. I spend huge amounts of time photographing them. I love the modesty of their clothes, the awkwardness of the framing. I’m attracted to the gentle way they just stand there. And, looking at them, I can’t help wondering what could have happened in the lives of these women that these snaps of their happy times could have ended up one day at the bottom of a second-hand dealer’s box. Buddha bless you!

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