Wishing you love, happy holidays and I’ll see you again one of these days, my friends!

Self-Portrait In Pink

NO TALKING SHOP, NO DAILY GRIND. Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette, 6th floor, no lift. Wednesday 21 May 2014, fourteen minutes past two, cloudy. This morning when I plunged into the undergrowth known in Paris as the Bois (de Boulogne), an incredibly delicate shower of rain was falling. Quite the opposite of a violent May inundation: the drops fell one by one and I could almost count them. So I whistled through the downpour, and told myself that as soon as I was in front of my computer I’d tell you all about this fleeting pleasure during an ordinary walk. I wish you happy holidays… Dressed in my pink beret (above) I’ll be back at work one of these days…July? August? I don’t know exactly. Thank you for reading, and whether you’re on the beach or on the winding mountain roads of your vacations, may Buddha bless you!

Best Wishes, My Friends. The Little One Kisses You. Reopening on January 6th!

Color Photograph of an hair disheveled doll on pink background

* Meilleurs voeux, les amis. La petite vous embrasse. Réouverture de New Still Lifes le 6!

Jean-Loup Lafont is a self-taught photographer who lives and works in Paris. In late 2011, he has created New Still Lifes to showcase you every morning one of his creations. Photographs by Jean-Loup Lafont – usually still lifes-are on sale on the U.S. site www.photoshelter.com. From $ 10 (the small formats) and on the basis of three images per format. The shipping fee within the United States and Canada is approximately $ 5.95. Please inquire about the shipping costs for orders outside the United States and Canada. All work copyright 2011-2013 Jean-Loup Lafont.

New Still Lifes are Going For a Few Days to Moscow! Reopening Monday, August 26!*

Color photograph of a pack of candies Alpenliebe discovered in a night shop in Moscow...

* New Still Lifes pour quelques jours à Moscou! Réouverture lundi 26 Aout!

The Mistress of the Photographer? The Color!*

Color photograph of eleven pink pencils on a background of bright pink paper!

*La maitresse du photographe? La couleur!

Hello and welcome aboard … My name is Lafont, Jean-Loup Lafont. Creator since 2011 of photographic still lifes, I invite you to discover my little inventions on the U.S. site www.photoshelter.com. The 126 pictures (divided into 5 delirious galleries) are available for sale, from ten dollars (small formats) and on the basis of three copies per image’s format. Thank you in advance for leaving a comment at the end of your visit. Or any question of your choice! … All work copyright 2011-2013 Jean-Loup Lafont

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