Why not throw yourself into the craziness of digital collage?


NO TALKING SHOP, NO DAILY GRIND. Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette. Thursday 15 May 2014, thirty-three minutes past one. At the moment there are days when all I do in the studio is digital collage. Glued to my Canon I snap away at all kinds of tableaux and drawings I’ve pulled out of boxes. Some figures are made using sellotape such as (above) The Archbishop and his Congregation . Others are simple little characters made of paper and laid on abstract backgrounds whose swirls enchant me the moment I press the shutter release. This is how I pass the minutes and even the hours without ever emerging from my creative fever. But all this craziness does have a point: I intend to make a book out of these collages via Blurb. In the meantime… Keep walking!


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