Bises, les amis…Bonnes vacances et à un de ces quatre!

140530.Autoportait en rose

NI BLABLA NI RONRON. Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette, 6ème étage sans ascenseur. Mercredi 21 mai 2014, dix heures et quatorze minutes sous les nuages. Ce matin, quand je m’enfonce dans les sous-bois que les Parisiens nomment le Bois (…de Boulogne), c’est sous une pluie d’une incroyable légèreté. L’inverse d’une ondée rageuse : valsant sous les nuages, les gouttes vous arrivent une à une, on pourrait presque les compter. Je marche gaiement et je me promets qu’aussitôt devant l’écran de mon Samsung, je vous raconterai ce bref bonheur d’une promenade ordinaire. Coiffé de mon béret rose (ci-dessus), je vais maintenant me donner un mois de répit pour travailler à l’avenir de ce blog. Merci en tout cas de votre fidélité et  que vous paressiez en juillet à la plage ou à l’ombre de votre pin préféré, que Bouddha bénisse vos vacances!  

Wishing you love, happy holidays and I’ll see you again one of these days, my friends!

Self-Portrait In Pink

NO TALKING SHOP, NO DAILY GRIND. Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette, 6th floor, no lift. Wednesday 21 May 2014, fourteen minutes past two, cloudy. This morning when I plunged into the undergrowth known in Paris as the Bois (de Boulogne), an incredibly delicate shower of rain was falling. Quite the opposite of a violent May inundation: the drops fell one by one and I could almost count them. So I whistled through the downpour, and told myself that as soon as I was in front of my computer I’d tell you all about this fleeting pleasure during an ordinary walk. I wish you happy holidays… Dressed in my pink beret (above) I’ll be back at work one of these days…July? August? I don’t know exactly. Thank you for reading, and whether you’re on the beach or on the winding mountain roads of your vacations, may Buddha bless you!

Les beautés inattendues d’un soir d’hiver à Moscou…

Moscou, Mars 2013

NI BLABLA NI RONRON. Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette, 6ème étage (sans ascenseur). Mercredi 30 Avril 2014, dix heures trente cinq minutes. Je le vérifie chaque jour  depuis  que je tiens un journal intime : les routines de l’existence sont une réserve naturelle d’événements inattendus . Ainsi, par exemple,  pendant mes traversées quotidiennes du Bois de Boulogne, la vie me fait souvent une surprise. Un matin, c’est une des dames-en-camionnette qui  me raconte une blague.  Le lendemain, dans les eaux du Lac, il y a le reflet rose d’un arbre en fleurs ou des mouettes joueuses . Et l’hiver quand il neige, couper à travers la place de Colombie poudrée de blanc fait illico de moi en trappeur canadien. LA PHOTO DU JOUR : Une inconnue, vue à Moscou un soir de neige. Keep walking!

The small pleasures of walking…

Moscow (March 2013)

NO TALKING SHOP, NO DAILY GRIND. Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette, 6th floor (no lift). Wednesday 30 April 2014, thirty-five minutes past ten. It’s something I’ve learned since I started keeping a diary: daily routine is a natural source of unexpected events. For example, as I walk through the Bois de Boulogne every day, life often takes me by surprise. One morning, one of the ladies of the night tells me a joke. The following day, in the waters of the lake, there’s the pink reflection of a tree in bloom or playful seagulls. And in winter, when it snows and I cut across the powder-white Place de Colombie I’m immediately turned into a Canadian trapper. TODAY’S PHOTO :  (Unknown) woman at an evening fashion show, Moscow, March 2013. Keep walking!


Is there one single fan of the book At Home* on the Internet?

Love Rouge

NO TALKING SHOP, NO DAILY GRIND. Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette, Friday 14 March 2014, twenty-nine minutes past nine… Of course, I’m being provocative, but deep down, I’m not exaggerating that much. I’m curious to know why the publication of my little book At Home (see Love*, one of its 53 ‘installations’ above) has received nothing but deafening silence on This question is addressed to all of you online, whether writer or amateur photographer: have you ever sold one of your books through the Internet? It might be a collection of poetry, your wedding album, a story extolling some place or other, whatever… I’d be interested to hear your adventures, and when you reply please to tell me the title of your work, its price, the name of the publisher and how many copies have been sold. Me, I’ve sold zero. Yes, zero sales…zero responses, zero emails… It’s become a little song going round in my head when I walk through the Bois de Boulogne. But it doesn’t stop me, at the moment in any case, from walking with a spring in my step, or from feeing moved as I walk past the first violets. So, my friends, keep walking!


Y-a-t-il sur Internet UN amateur du livre « At Home »?

Fuck Multicolor

NI BLABLA NI RONRON. Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette. Vendredi 14 mars 2014, neuf heures et dix-neuf minutes…  Bien sur, je fais de la provocation mais au fond, pas tant que ça. Curieux de comprendre pourquoi la sortie de mon petit livre « At Home » (ci-dessus : une de ses 53 « installations ») ne récolte sur qu’un silence assourdissant, je pose la question à tout internaute, écrivain ou photographe amateur : avez-vous vendu  un de vos livres  sur Internet?  Qu’il s’agisse d’un recueil de poésie, de l’album de votre mariage, d’un récit  à la gloire de telle ou telle contrée, peu importe…Votre aventure  m’intéresse et  je lirai avec plaisir dans votre réponse  le titre de l’ouvrage, son prix, le nom de l’éditeur et le nombre d’exemplaires vendus. Moi, c’est zéro.  Oui, zéro vente…Zéro commentaire, zéro émail…Une jolie chanson que j’ai en tête  quand je traverse  le Bois de Boulogne mais qui ne m’empêche pas de marcher d’un  pas léger. Ni de m’attendrir au passage devant les premières violettes. Alors, les amis… Keep Walking!  

A Few Pictures of my Parisian Daily Walk…

In The Wood

Paris, 42 rue de l’Yvette. Wednesday February 12, 2014, 11:40am.  A few pictures of my 6 km daily walk, from the audio notes recorded on my trustful Olympus S 701 micro cassette device…8:00am sharp, I leave Courbevoie….The cold is vivid at the bottom of the Defense skyscrapers…After walking thru  Parc Diderot while surrounded by chirping birds, a soft ramp takes me to the entrance to the Neuilly Bridge…Looking down to the bronze-colored waters of the river Seine, the handsome picture of a couple, quite in love in their wintergear…Going into the  Bois de Boulogne, not far from where movie director  René Clair lived, a dove is sunning at the top of a tree…Black lacing of branches on a light blue sky ( see above). On my right at the Pavillon Royal, « Born  To Succeed » :  this is Mercedes-Benz’ s 2014  convention …Then I salute the frizzy haired blonde hooker in her working van , the one I’d like to do a full picture book for…Boulevard Beauséjour, a fortyish brown-haired guy, sets off for his run in the wood. Bulging ass in his dark grey leotar, I watch him take off towards the Avenue Raphael. Head low, deep in his thoughts, a cruel smile at his lips…May Buddha bless you!

To Stroll in the Spring in the Paris Suburban Underwood….

To Stroll In The Paris Suburban Underwood

Paris, 2 rue Vivienne, Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art,  Ovale room, seat82.  Thursday February 6, 2014, 10:39 AM. I’m thru with my daily blog writing. It’s too hard. Too much anguish looking at a blank sheet of paper. Too much fighting against the lack of inspiration. Too much time spent correcting typewriting errors, spelling, micro-cuts, or coping with the weaknesses of Google translation. So, after February’s last Friday, I will give up. I’m closing shop , and as Alfred Hitchcock once said on the radio: “I shall retire behind a curtain of silence.” True, I shall regret my dear Azerty keyboard and the meanders of Word press. Also the numerous calls from my talented companions.  I shall miss them all, Michel Brillié, Philippa Hurd and Thierry Pigot. As much as I shall miss the peculiar morning thrill of hitting the “publish” key. Well okay, I like the idea of fattening my book collection on Its time then to pull out my old Rollei from its case, to wake of my doll collection and to stroll in the spring in the Paris suburban underwood, something I haven’t done in a long time. Far too long, in fact…May Buddah bless you.


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Sole Adventurous Encounter During my Walk under Grey Skies : a Blonde Hooker’s Smile…

Le Sourire d'une Blonde...

Paris, Wednesday January 29, 9 :36 AM, 42, rue de l’Yvette. Again I feel compelled (who knows why) to write down the facts of my life. However, there are very few things to say about my trip across the Bois de Boulogne this morning. Sole adventurous encounter during my walk under grey skies : a blonde hooker’s smile…That smile she flashed from the inside of her Rent A Car van. For the frizzy haired blonde is waiting the next client a few steps away from the Place de Colombie. The moment we looked at each other, the idea of offering her to be the star of a photo-book crossed my mind. In a flash, I even saw the cover: “Stage Name…X”. I mention X because since our meetings are brief, I don’t even know her last or first name. Back in my workshop in the attic, I drank some Earl Grey tea and subscribed through Facebook to a free 15 day tryout on Qobuz. I listened to The Orb (History Of The Future) dreaming that I will soon have the answer to my mindboggling question: what am I to do? Write a diary? Still life photography? Get back to drawing? Only one thing seems certain: Try and tell right here, Monday thru Friday, and alternatively in French and English, the little events of my daily life. May Buddah bless you…


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When She passed me by, I saw that She was in Tears. Strange, isn’t it?*

Photograph of a jogger in red anorak taken on an autumn day in Paris, in the Bois de Boulogne.

* Au moment où elle m’a dépassé, j’ai vu qu’elle était en larmes. Etrange, non? »

Dolls. Some tree leaves. Pebbles. These are the « toys » with which Jean-Loup Lafont, a French self-taught photographer, has fun working since the last decade. Collected in France, in the United States and Russia, the creations of Jean-Loup Lafont are now offered for sale on the famous U.S. site Each of the 126 still life photographs is available in three finishes: matte, glossy or metallic. Allow $ 10 for a « 10×10 » and about $ 5 for postage (if you live in the U.S. or Canada). All work copyright 2011-2013 Jean-Loup Lafont.

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